Colorado organic bulk super soil delivery service

Dynamic Dressing

BioDynamically prepared and fully composted

at over 140 degrees,

carbon/nitrogen balanced, and PH balanced!

When used with The Bomb potting soil, simply add a half inch to the top of your soil when you are ready to feed your plants to provide a perfect time release feeding every time you water without the hassle of mixing liquid nutrients.

Dynamic Dressing can also be mixed with soil for all plants at approximately 10% rate. Only a 5% increase in organic material quadruples a soil’s water holding capacity. Dynamic Dressings higher nitrogen/lower phosphorus composition is perfect for cultivating friendly myccorhyzal fungi.

Our compost uses preparations from the Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Bio-Dynamics. First we use the Pfeiffer Compost Starter to create a culture. This culture is then diluted and mixed in to the pile. Then the following preparations are placed in specific places on the pile:

  • 502 Yarrow
  • 503 Chamomile
  • 504 Stinging Nettle
  • 505 Oak Bark
  • 506 Dandelion
  • 507 Valerian

If you don’t know about biodynamics, you can learn more here.

In addition to the biodynamic preps that are inserted into the pile we inoculate with beneficial nematode Stiener Nema F. as well as the Stratiolalapse S beneficial. These great micro-arthropods will patrol your soil looking for pest insects to devour and provide the crucial final layer of the soil food web delivering the organic nutrients to your plants.

Dynamic Dressing is sold in 2 cu. foot bags (or 1 cu. yard totes upon request)