Colorado organic bulk super soil delivery service


     "Living in one of the most diverse agricultural communities in Colorado, we at Paonia Soil Co. were surprised when we realized that almost everyone used potting soil that was trucked in from far away. With all the fine growers and ingredients on the western slope of Colorado, why weren’t we creating our own products? We decided to change that." 

- Paonia Soil Co.

Paonia Soil Co. is a local company that is bringing some serious competition to the market. PSC is growing exponentially with the fast spreading talk about the results people achieve using their products. Their focus is on producing a better product to give better results with less work; all while keeping the health and wellbeing of both the planet and ourselves in mind. I'm sure you are already thinking..."ya,ya, ya.. what else is new?" Let me explain.

  • PSC is a local company and because of that, shipping pollution is reduced. Less fuel emissions are released into the environment when you use their products.
  • PSC pioneered selling bulk soil in one yard totes. The tote itself is already less plastic than the multiple bags that their competitors use to ship one yard of their products. But, to take this further, they have implemented a recycling program. The totes that come filled with your soil are returnable. Pro Gro will BUY BACK the totes that you get with your soil and recycle them. A $10 refund will be given for every empty tote returned undamaged. This way we keep plastic out of the landfills AND you don't even have to pay for the plastic that your soil gets shipped in. You literally only pay for the soil itself but get the benefit of using the tote to keep it all together until you use it. The totes also have an "empty spout" on the bottom. If you have a forklift or can rent one, filling the pots is as easy as: raising up the tote with the forklift, opening the spout, and letting gravity fill your pots. The totes can also be used as a cost effective pot. Open them up, plant, and add water... It really doesn't get any easier than that.
  • PSC also uses Dr. William Albrecht's recommended ideal soil CEC(cation exchange capacity) saturation ratios to balance and optimize their soil. Dr. Albrecht, in short, was a soil scientist that was way ahead of his time. His studies were based on finding how, through plants, soil health/mineralization influences human and animal health. In his studies, he came up with ideal ratios of nutrients in the soil to optimize organic soil chemistry and plant health. To read more, plug his name into google, or click here.
  • PSC adds a new twist to their soil that, yet again, takes their products to the next level. After optimizing all the aspects of their soil, they consider one more important aspect: the spiritual side of soil. HUH?! Many people recognize that there is a spiritual/religious side to life. In a true organic soil, there is LOTS of life. From the smallest bacteria to a big fat frog, organic soils are in direct contact and dependent upon many living organisms. To attempt to put this in a nutshell.... Back in the 1920's there was a man named Rudolf Steiner. He was a philosopher that was also way ahead of his time. His concepts and understandings aimed to bridge the gap between science and spirituality/religion. Using his philosophical principles, he developed a set of teachings and procedures that could be implemented into an agricultural system. This system has become to be called Biodynamic agriculture. A part of this system uses what are called Biodynamic Preps. These are basically tonics made from specific medicinal herbs that facilitate spiritual/religious/life forces into the living soil. PSC adds the Biodynamic Preps to the compost they make for their soil. They are the first and ONLY soil manufacturer producing a Biodynamically prepared super soil. For more information on Biodynamic agriculture click here.
  • Being an organic super soil, The Bomb starts off strong and can keep going longer without the addition of nutrients. If given enough soil, The Bomb can take your plants all the way from start to finish with ONLY de-chlorinated water. We promise there isn't any other medium out there that will give you better results. There also isn't any other medium that requires less work. The awesome list of ingredients combines many quick-release and slow-release fertilizers to allow your plants to go further with a full spectrum of nutrients from beginning to end. For a list of the ingredients in PSC's products, click the links below. For more detailed information about the superior nutrient content of The Bomb please view the Laboratory Test Results page.
  • Consistency is important when using soil. The bomb is the most consistent potting soil on the market. We have gotten professional laboratory tests on multiple bags of The Bomb, Ocean Forest, Roots Organic and Batch64. Side by side there is no caparison. The Bomb not only tested at the proper nutrient balance, but was also extremely consistent from bag to bag. OF, RO, and B64 tested to be significantly out of balance to start and then each of the bags were different. To check out the test results please view the Laboratory Test Results page.